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Thursday, 31 March 2016

What Will Tomorrow Bring? Do You Know?

How would you feel if you knew what tomorrow had in stall for you?

Would it gladden you?
Make you scared of facing tomorrow?
Make you look forward to it?
Or do you think it will take away all the fun that lays therein?

...(Take a minute to think about it)…

We humans and we limited in our thought’s compared to the next person, so pardon me if don’t see things from your view.
Tomorrow is a lifetime, tomorrow exceeds the 24hours bracket we frame it in, tomorrow is every man’s today’s defining moment.
Tomorrow is a box of possibilities, tomorrow is a box of death unleashed, tomorrow is someone’s pandora box, tomorrow is anothers safe haven.
Tomorrow is the day that never comes, because today, you had wished you lived to see tomorrow, to some it might never come. Tomorrow I shall be a better soul, I shall succeed tomorrow.
Tomorrow is another souls breaking point. If I tag tomorrow as the day I succeed and it doesn’t bear desired fruit, and I live every tomorrow with that intent of being successful, and I still don’t get desired harvest, would it be right to say tomorrow is eternal?
Tomorrow is time itself, an overlapping fragment of the humans imagination, tomorrow is the basis of our living, we live today to survive for tomorrow, our tomorrow family, Job , houses and our tomorrow’s tomorrow, everything we hold dearly.
Tomorrow is the reason we exist, the reason we still breath, if I commit suicide today, then I have no need of tomorrow. If I die in my sleep, then tomorrow as no need for me.

Tomorrow wouldn’t reveal itself, its adventurous, and adventures don’t have an end.
So, live your today as though it were tomorrow already…
Tomorrow has no need for you, don’t wait on tomorrow to save you.


By Deji (@Rebel_Kvng)

Wednesday, 30 March 2016

#WCW (Woman crush Wednesday)

Here it is Funaabites... Its woman crush wednesday... We're kick starting today...
On my very first edition of #WCW, I'll be taking a tour to the college of biological sciences....
My #WCW is no one but the drop dead gorgeous, dark skinned,

Tuesday, 29 March 2016


staying at camp are advised to be vigilant as there are multiple reports of robbery ongoing at camp at the moment, the thieves are said to be armed. Please make sure you're security conscious. May God guide and protect us all.

Kindly pass this on.
 Please share



When a guy sees a girl, there are a few things about her that he notices
straight off the bat. Although they might seem like small things initially,
together they add up and shape what a guy thinks about her.

#WCW and #MCM

Attention! Attention!

Its weird and bizzare when I start to count the number of girls I crush on, and guys who dress to kill them ladies. If I make a list, I'll take years to appreciate all of em. So, Whether it is on Facebook, twitter or Instagram, post that picture, ill be there to nab it and appreciate you as either my mcm or WCW . so come this Wednesday, you'll know one of the girls am crushing on, and by Monday, you'll know the boy a large number of girls crush on .

Saturday, 26 March 2016


Important Notice

I do not mean to scare you but it's the reality...

Residents of Isolu & gate!!!! (or any other place)

Be security conscious !

Several reports over the past 3weeks about the activities of  the 'gentlemen of the road'  has been very alarming...

I believe the lives of Funaabites staying outside the campus should be valued as well as those staying inside the campus.

Two hostels were raided again
 yesterday night/this morning - 24th/25th March 2016.

Their attacks within a space of 2weeks is very alarming.  Should we just fold our arms and pretend as if nothing is going on? An injury to on, they say, is an injury to all.

These 'guys'  are heavily armed. Some affected funaabites said these guys carry along with them axes so in fact metal doors and burglaries are not safe!

We do not know who the next victim might be. It might be anyone but should we wait further till one of us is robbed again?

Reason, Reflect, Act !!!

COURTESY : An Anonymous Persona of The Concerned Students

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

MEMOIRS OF A FUNAAB BOY #2 (by anonymous)

I've always had this 'chic' ( french for knack) for girls who know what they want, girls who see what they like and go for it, she wasn't one to suppress her emotions ...

We were at gate, in my hostel, we were in my room, she was on my bed, half naked! We'd been at it for about 2hours, slowly biting and looking for each other's pleasure-spots. She wasn't new to my hostel, but my kinda body, she was new to. I have total control over my body, I laugh when I choose to, I cry when I want to, I let my emotions show when I want it to (just bear in mind that I can fake everyone of these, I'm more or less ... an actor)

She was intrigued by my kinda body, but that was where she got it all wrong, it was never about my body, it was my mind. During my days as a kid, I'd get into a lot of trouble and get whipped, but I learned to control my mind after reading this 'Yoga' book dad once had, from it I got this: "Pain and pleasure wouldn't exist if we didn't have a mind", so with apt concentration, I can put my mind somewhere else. Whatever she was trynna do to me, I felt it, but on the surface, I was blank, she couldn't read me, she wasn't looking deep enough. I couldn't blame her, I've given her enough to distract her mind, she couldn't get her eyes off my ripped body, my workout sessions were finally paying off. She'd lay on my chest from time to time, listening to my heart beat steady, her second hands slowly counting my abs.

Moreover, she's been to my place countless of times, she wouldn't let me come over, because she stays with a family member, during our times together, I've known where to touch, where to bite, where to kiss and where to lick, her ears were the most vulnerable, my tongues proved to be the key to opening her, whenever I hit her weak spot, she'll sloop into my hands and go all jelly on me, she'll moan and tell me one of her innermost desires. The hard-girl frame shattering right in my face, and all I see is a girl in need of love.

Before we got this far, she was open with nittygritty details of her private life, I wanted to know more, so I let her into my life, no holds barred, she knew everything that there was to know about me (everything I wanted her to know, maybe), I let her know the basic triangles that held my mast at bay- no love for me, don't love me, you'll soon hate me. Like other girls before her, they ignore the first two and then the third one comes into play. I wasn't trynna open her, I had no intentions, I just wanted to know more about her, I didn't push her, she just felt the need to return the favour since she knew what she wanted to know about me. She gave me the chance to ask her any question I wanted to, and I digged deep.

'TEE, am attracted to you'
She'll say from time to time and with a straight face, looking deep into my eyes as if to find the answers she wants in there, I've never had a solid reply for her yet, I'll just look back into her eyes, and see the disappointment swelling in them. The more she wanted me, the more I wanted to know why she desires me. Maybe because no matter how she tried to seduce me, I wouldn't still lay with her, or maybe its because I respect her still and don't treat her like some disposable good, or maybe its because I still pressure her into getting a boyfriend who's not me, these thoughts wouldn't just leave my head as I sit, lost in MTS 241's class ... I wasn't listening in class, I'd gone deep into my mind, I didn't even know when I stopped writing, I picked up my pen, opened my books hard cover and wrote ' NIKE, why does thou desireth me this much? '

 if I don't stumble upon her in school, she would find me, and she had her way of dragging me out of the midst of my gang, it's like she is stalking me, and I can't get rid of her, truth is, I don't want to, her company is way too valuable to loose, she is funny and stupid, ridiculous and hilarious. She now is the opposite of the girl I saw last session, she now is the girl I've made out of her, but still, I want to know more ......

(To be continued)


Tuesday, 22 March 2016


It was a beautiful Monday morning in this part of Abeokuta, where my university is located. The song of the birds filtering through my window gave me one motivation to take the day heads on irrespective of the temptation to go back to bed. I woke up, went through my daily routine and headed for school.

You know that moment in maths when you are asked to calculate distance between two ends? That's the same kind of feeling I and the rest of the Engineering consitituency had when we walked from COLVET Auditorium to Mahmood Yakub Hall. For the non-funaabites here, COLVET Auditorium is just like your South Pole in Geography, and Mahmood Yakub is like your North Pole. Now you know what I mean?

Funny thing is, I wonder if those in charge of fixing the academic calender and venue for lectures intentionally meant to do us harm by putting us under such stress, or if it was just by chance, or luck. Well, whatever the reason is, I believe it is inhumane! Imagine we have a lecture in the 'South pole' for 8-10am and the immediate lecture after that is in the 'North Pole' for 10-12am. Now, since either lecturer would begin at the earliest possible time, we (the students) are the ones at a loss, since it would take at least 15 minutes to walk from the bus-stop in the morning, and another 15 minutes to travel end-to-end. Feel me?

I guess this has been the trend for ages past and from university to university, and people have come, seen and conquered and so shall I. With this I (and advise other students like me, lol) console myself and move on, bearing every passing Monday with strength and hope with the future in view!


Monday, 21 March 2016


Will mother obey cupid, and see this love as ordained by the gods? Can men with pretentious hearts affect the cause of my love. My heart freezes at the sight of my love... I feel a pull, a connection and his fire melts away all my worries.

 His kiss tastes sweeter than wine, any wine I have ever set my lips to taste, at his touch, I burn harder than a vampire going out into sunlight and my need for him is stronger.

 Would marrying him do me any good, would going against my mother make me better than a traitor? I wish for cupids arrow to pinch deeply into my mother's heart, so she would love for my sake.

 I wish we all lived normal lives and make me not bound to widowhood as punishment for loving him.



O ma se o
One of the oldest and biggest Nigerian hit musicians was just confirmed dead today from an undisclosed disease since January 2016.



In order to reduce the level of poverty amongst homes, in my opinion I think a man who has not enough money to buy a house of his own not rent at least a 3 bed room flat and a car to move him and his family around should not get married.

When he gets married in his low credit, the family tends to suffer. The probability that he will get rich is actually 0.5 not up to 1 because Sundry expenses will now become expenses when married. Things he could ignore when single will now be important. 

When children arrive, the probability of getting rich falls to an all time low of 0.2. Have you observed that most men have a higher credit score when single? If you have $500 at the end of every week when single if your job/income doesn't change or upgrade when you get married your $500 falls to $200 because you no longer feed yourself but feed a woman and probably a child.

When the child grows older school fees will set in. And other bad debts will be incured .

Don't get me wrong, I ain't saying he will never make it but in the mean time, why bring a child to the world to suffer? Even if it's for 6 years before you make it? Why take a woman from her father's comfy house to hardship in the name of marriage? 

I advice ladies never to get married no matter how cool a guy is unless he is proven to be able to cater for your needs and that of your children financially in all ramifications both expenses and sundry expenses.

It doesn't make any sense, what you enjoy when single as a lady why stop enjoying it because your husband has no money or your money now goes to supporting him? 

They say women ain't equal to men. Ok let the men be rich and rich enough to take care of their wives 101% before getting married. In fact, studies show most men marry for sex.

Sunday, 20 March 2016


Today, we've got a splendid view of a horticultural masterpiece in FUNAAB, the photograph, birthed by a state of awe and appreciation for beauty, was taken a few days back. As you go through your Monday, through rush hours and lecture frenzies, make sure you do what you do that'll be worth being done, do it with passion, do it with good vibes, just do it.

Rules for Instagram Captioning .

Instagram clichés and expert advice aside, we're focusing, today, on the unofficial set of rules fashion girls follow when captioning a photo: some witty jokes to brief simplicity.


Saturday, 19 March 2016


Okay so it's a week after vector tha viper and Ola dips came to town and treated funaabites to good music with their powerful word flows. We are bringing to you pictures of the historic event with a short article titled BLAME IT ON FUNAABSU.

The show which was slated for 9pm,didn't start until around 11,12........yeah I know that here in this part of our world we are used to coming late to events but one thing that is certain is if show organizers in funaab learn to start events as at when planned,people would get used to it. Well anyways I BLAME IT ON FUNAABSU.

Entry into the hall was hell,as if keeping us out and waiting so long was not enough,people had to fight their way in after getting their ticket. At the gate some students were pushed back after fighting their way to the front,some were even flogged with belt. We spoke to some of the female-fresh students about this,most of them complained that  they nearly fainted before getting in and that if they had known it was like this,they wouldn't have come at all. Once again I BLAME IT ON FUNAABSU

Now going in,power went off couple of times at the Dj stand which affected the use of microphone during the event,well that was even minimal compared to when power went off in the hall and it took nearly 20minutes or more before it came back on. They(sug) should've been prepared for this before but what can I say I BLAME IT ON FUNAABSU
Ola dips came on before our very own ajanaku and oberz to perform but was stopped in the middle of his first song while the EMG artists came on to perform FOUR songs with Ola dips standing at the Dj's corner waiting. The crowd got piqued and started throwing stuffs to the stage,why this happened I don't know but I still BLAME IT ON FUNAABSU

At the beginning I said this article was gonna be short but now it's a bit long,am sorry it's not my fault I BLAME IT ON FUNAABSU ^_^ ^_^.

Read,like,share and drop your comments if you were at the fresher's concert.


Friday, 18 March 2016


What do girls first notice in a guy as soon as they set eyes on him? The shoes? The car-keys? The body language?

These are the first 5 things a girl notices in a guy the first time she meets him.(beg to differ)
And it all happens in seconds!


It seems to be a harvest of First class degrees and setting of records in the Nigerian higher institutions as another young Nigerian lady has made history in the South-eastern part of the country.


1. Dentistry: they do medical courses in addition to their main courses.
2. Vetinary medicine: You have got to study different species of animal. Animals will never tell you what's wrong with them
3. Medicine and surgery: we are all aware of this course
4. Pharmacy: those that study this course are called Men Of honour... Pharm. Chem, pharmacognosy hmmm OK o
5. All Engineering: hailing the Engine Boys
6. Biochemistry: Forget it guys, a Biochemist is naturally ahead of you.
7. Physics: I pity those Schrödinger guys 
8. Chemistry: harder to understand girls, worse for chemistry.
9. Law: those guys they Jack die.
10. Add yours

Thursday, 17 March 2016


Came across this young lady who is giving Enugu men a run for their money.

Her name is Kenechukwu Ezeh, and she is a

STEPS TO ORDER (where feet wouldnt sink

You know, life is not all about the people who started before you; it’s not what you think in your head that life results in. We learn about life in different levels and state clearly that fulfilling purpose doesn’t need one to be in haste. To all those in this world, there are particular time and season that is dedicated to everyone under the sun. It’s not all about those who started while you hope to begin, what we are talking about is those who finished well. You can be so dazzled in the mystery of life that someone who was down casted could be the rising star in split seconds.
We could remember vividly people who had finished their first degree and still haven’t secured a good job yet and has to learn a trade, but life still changed tide for them. To achieve something great in life, it’s all about Gods timing, no one can take that season away from you. Now you see such people in white collar jobs earning more than those they met in the business line. It’s not about entering the higher institution; it’s about how much impact you added to yourself when leaving that environment; for the real life begins even after school. Life could be so frustrating and interesting for two different parties all at the same time.
It’s a wrong say that life is cruel, there is a season for everything. Life is full of ups and downs. All you need to do is take advantage when life puts you up, go higher and higher and if life then want to put you down it won’t go past that height it brought you initially. Take a chance; that is what life is all about. Don’t just sit doing nothing. Good things happen to those who work for it and left-over for those who wait.
No matter your current situation, you can make the most of it. Sorrow only last for a while; a night, but joy comes in the morning all through rough days. Keep to God’s work, start something until you see yourself being launched to the top.



Wednesday, 16 March 2016


There's no easier way to try a new trend or experiment with your outfit than through your accessories.
So for those looking to have some fun with their fashion, we're rounding out our favourite unexpected addons that stylish girls love from top-notch hair ties through playful socks.



The students were jam packed inside AMPHI THEATRE of the school during SER001 special elective exam.

Racist Trump Supporter Who Assaulted Nigerian Student Wants To Buy Him Lunch!

Last Wednesday, an East Carolina University Nigerian student Adedayo Adeniyi was physically removed by security from a Donald Trump rally in Fayetteville, North Carolina. Adedayo was singled out because he was black and security mistook him for a protester.

On his way out, 20 year old Adedayo was accosted by a Trump supporter Jason Wetzel and given a head spinning slap. Dayo saw stars and heard birds singing after the dirty slap.

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

MEMOIRS of a FUNAAB boy #1 (by anonymous)

 I Still can't shake this thoughts out of my head, can't tell which weighs on me the most, the hardwork my school makes me do, or the hardwork she makes me do!
 I met her through a friend, and now we closer than friends. She was a stranger last semester, we exchanged a few 'hellos' , a few quick glances, more than a few deep moments, it was all about the eye's, the way the contacts were made, they came in this manner that words couldn't  describe.
 I've always never had to struggle to get girls, they just come, hmmmmm, easy, if that's the right word to use. Get this, am not a player, or the everyday casanova (you know,the type that justs wanna get in her pants, maybe once or twice, or keep it repeated, kick that image of JIM IYKE out of your head), am just the guy that grants your girl her one wish. My names BOSUNDE OLUWATAYO, my friends call me "MR TEE", and if they are overexcited, they call me "BLACKOUT", because of my dark complexion. Am a student of FUNAAB, currently in my 2nd year, studying only God knows what. My original plan was to be a Computer scientist, after a year at INHURD ( where I did my pre-degree) , and countless hours studying for JAMB and post-utme, I was offered a provisional admission to study Computer science.
 But here's the thing, it feel's like I'm studying mathematics, so don't be baffled when I say am studying "only God knows what" . Funaab makes even the simplest course look hard. Well, Computer science and Mathematics, I can't really tell the difference because  we've done nothing more than basic the basic computer knowledge,

Saturday, 12 March 2016

A Thousand Ways To Matriculate ...

 But don't loose your GOWN.
 But don't loose your MATRIC CAP.
 But don't cause trouble.
 But don't convocate that same day.
 Don't start failing.
 But don't end up in senate.

Happy Matriculation day Fresher's.

Today at ceremonial hall in Funaab, our freshers had their matriculation ceremony, after several postponments, they finally had it in the 6th week since resumption.


Compared to last year, the turn up was encouraging, students were dressed up in different styles, you could tell from their dress sense the kind of personality they had. Different brands(well known brands) came out in numbers to celebrate our Freshers. MTN, AIRTEL, INDOMIE, MINIMIE CHINCHIN, also coming out in numbers where departments, dragging their freshmen to their respective tents, making it all lively and fun.

Dance competitions here and there, 'awon basketballers for indomie' where even there, and "our mummy's" from God knows where also graced us with their,

appearance, ribbons, prayers and appeals for monetary funds. Not missing this occassion are our amiable camera men, they were even more camera men than students. The camera booths were everywhere, presidential booth, holy matrimony booth, the 'I'm just a student booth' , name it, all of them were here in accordance.
Churches also came out to support their own, the likes of NFCS, Chapel of Grace e.t.c

But all in, it was fun..
But we had to hear from the mouths of our celebrated freshers. From in_FUNAAB's correspondents,this is what a few of them had to say about the matriculation day and the past 6weeks they've spent in Funaab;
DORCAS: "I didn't make in for the Matriculation speech, I came late, the door was locked. The matric was 'sha there' , and Funaab after 6weeks has been "BORING" .

BLESSING: " The matric was boring jaare, the arrangement was poor, this is so not cool, I came late and they shut us out" .FUNAAB is boring.

F.M: " All the fresh girls are with their mummy and daddy jaare, they forming fresh for us, anyways sha, its not tha bad " . FUNAAB is a dulling school.

SHINA: " I think the matric day is fun and exciting, I have being to so many tents and they doing fun things there, its cool" . FUNAAB is a good school asides the stress, I think its a beautiful school.

Talking to several staylites, all they had to say is that "this matric was better than the last, and that this set of freshers would spark up life in FUNAAB.

From the whole of FUNAAB, and the crew(in_FUNAAB, IPOSTFUNAAB, rebel_GANG) , we welcome y'all freshers to FUNAAB. Enjoy your stay in FUNAAB and have a blast.....

Osheeey FRESHER's
Once again!

Oluwamayo Ojumah Makes First-Class From UNILAG After 16 Years

A young Nigerian lady, Mrs. Oluwamayo Ojumah has translated her 16-year old personal misfortunes into a success story.

Friday, 11 March 2016


This semester is gradually and slowly
heading towards it's heated period, few of us have already started to feel the scotch of its heat, so we try to mentally and physically, and in anyway prepare for the this period of intense heat so we don't get burnt.
Still I cannot fail to mention that there are courses that act as special doses of sleeping drugs- evidence of which u can see below.
 "MY NIGGA!!!"
So am not saying not to take your naps am just saying to take extra care with such courses.

For those courses which we absolutely have no idea what the lecturer is saying, to people like me, I see most lecturer's reading novels to the class. I'd encourage you to meet those who are better than you in such courses and request for their help and well, if you feel you can't do that there are text books readily available in PDF form on the Internet, searching and downloading shouldn't take more than 25min. I bet that is nothing compared to the period of time most of us spend on our IG page
For those of you who just have head blocks the Lord is your strength and always remember to put his MAJESTY in all your plans


So tonight, hostel night party was cancelled for the excuse that FUNAAB doesn't allow overnight events and meanwhile  the FUNAAB SUG night concert still holds.
Speculations from sources (who have refused to be named) said some of the SUG excos were present at the hostel night party location before the event was cancelled and that they were involved in the cancellation. Now how's that for a trip? After choosing a non-party-able zone for a concert location, Yakub Mahmood Hall which is known for its permanently fixed seats and narrow spacing as compared to Ceremonial Building with a larger and wider spacing, they conceited to robbing the hostel night candidates off of a party-able zone, the wide open field in front of School Hostel.

Tell me, what's your view? 'Cus maine, we ain't smiling no more on this.

Thursday, 10 March 2016

Water scarcity in Umar Kabir this morning

This is the situation of water for students in the UK hall of FUNAAB this morning. Students had to queue to fetch a bucket of water.

Wednesday, 9 March 2016


A Thousand Ways 2 Dance !!!

 After much delay,12pm turned to 2pm...

Taichi and Arole kicked the show off as the hosts, even though we didn't feel Taichi, guy why now? But "Arole oshi, Arole weyrey", host/comedian killed the show, he was a natural with his jokes and the way he carried the audience along, was up to par. "Gbayiii jare" .

Monday, 7 March 2016

RUCKUS at YAKUB as the GNS lecturer takes drastic actions

We definitely aren't secondary school students anymore, so I don't see any reason we should be treated as one. Why should a lecturer chase students out of a lecture halls because of 'textbooks'?. Textbooks they made and want to sell every last copy through hook or crook means.

Sunday, 6 March 2016


Before getting dressed for church this morning, I was actually reminiscing when I saw a picture harkening back to those times when my friends and I used to be a chronic womanizer in the church and how I was later transformed into a new creature according to II Cor 5:17.This motivated me and therefore led to the posting of this article, I know that some of us are caught in these acts but will deny vehemently Without wasting time, below are the ways to spot womanizers in the church.

1. They are usually found at the back seats of the Church, Please note that I’m not implying that any dude that’s fond of sitting at the back seat of the church is a womanizer. What I’m trying to say is that most womanizers in the church always like to sit at the back row where they get to have a clear view of ladies’ backside when they are dancing. I used to be in this category before I repented...



A private school teacher in Ogun State, has allegedly
killed a 10-year-old granddaughter of the proprietor
of the school where he teaches in Esugbon
community, Itamerin, Ijebu-Ife area of Ogun State.
The motive behind the killing of the innocent child,
was said to be due to the inability of his employer to
pay his salaries for the month of January and

Saturday, 5 March 2016


Judge not,and ye shall not be judged:condemn not,and ye shall not be condemned:forgive and ye shall be forgiven.
We all judge people everyday without even  noticing it,,thats fine i think,but what are your next thoughts after you notice it,,our bodies are  incapable of total control over our mind,,the same way we cant totally break the wind

Last Friday Night

 If you weren't there, then you jonzed a lot, its a normal saying that ' funaab has a social life of zero on a scale of 10 ' , but lastnight turned out to be fun filled at isolu- which is even said to be the most boring part off campus .

Friday, 4 March 2016


Funaab from the camera lenses of a Funaabite. The picture gives us a landscape view of funaabs hostel, unlike how we see it every other day, this picture is just in itself "UNIQUE" . Walk down that COLAMRUD road, carry this picture in your head, and see it from his view....


Wednesday, 2 March 2016


I should probably describe this morning as chaotic, the sudden hike in the transport prices due to the current economic status of this country "so they claim" and the incapability of the funaab mancot buses to


Report reaching us says that a truck who lost control of its brake hit a young girl of about 12yrs old today, and the truck was reportedly burnt.

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

My fellow funabites,
At this point in time we are faced with a great transportation challenge that is caused by the current fuel scarcity and increase in pump price nationwide.
This has led to the commercial transporters plying our school to increase their fares without first informing the students' Union, this action was resisted today by vibrant funaabites who were concerned about the plight of funaabites at large
As a progressive minded students' union we invited the commercial drivers to a meeting this evening and relayed the plight of our students on the need for them to consider us on their purported increment but they refused. We proposed a #10 increase for vehicles that are coming in to the school while going out of the school remains the original price which they rejected but insisted on total increase, and to cap it all they have decided not to work as from tomorrow.

Fellow funaabite let's brace up ourself for the transportation challenge that we will face as from tomorrow. We are working out modalities on how to drastically put in place measures to cushion the effect on us. We implore funaabites to please make use of mancot as alternative to this problem as we are working on how to make mancot work on 12hour basis during this period.
We will continue to ensure your comfortability is given our utmost priority.
Thank you.
Students' Union President, FUNAAB

Osheey Spending Dollars

"Good afternoon ma, I wan buy pure water"

"Good afternoon o ma pikin, how many u wan buy?"

"Give me twenty naira own"

"Ok I dey come"
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